As some of you know I have been looking to facilitate the training and development of CHURCH sound technicians for many years now. This has been something that I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember, both from a training perspective as well as a mentoring and a pastoral perspective.

With this in mind, I have decided to finally 'jump in' and create the event, "The Church Sound Summit" that I hope will become the hub for this vision and church engineers around the country…

Launching for its first time 4th & 5th of October, 2019!

The idea is to bring manufacturers, event support, dealers, distributors as well as training/trainers together in one room over the course of 2 days, once a year.

This will provide an opportunity for church sound technicians and teams to access technical knowledge, hands-on experience, years of practical experience, as well as a chance to network with some of the finest Christian engineers in the UK. We’ll also have a few fun surprises that will help us all get to know one another better and give everyone an opportunity to relax and fellowship together as well.

My vision is to create a real community atmosphere with this annual event that I hope to see grow each year as support and exposure is raised.

I obviously I can't do this alone and I am in the process of linking in with many engineers and tutors from around the country to help facilitate the event.

Over the coming weeks, we will add the contributors, exhibitors and tutors to this website so you can see who's involved. But I know personally that everyone involved is passionate about seeing the wider church doing production well. If that means a megga church or a smaller church that meets and homes or community centres then there will be something there for you all.

Dan Bowater